Various options

All our services are recognized and guaranteed GDPR Complain.

When you asked to be provided witha site designed by CommunityForge, the programming team offered you two choices.

Receive the tool and ensure its complete management

You can write code, design sites and you like Drupal? CommunityForge lets you download the work done to allow Local Exchange Systems to encode their offers and wants, their exchanges,... You get the work done to date and you can host it wherever you want, continue development, make updates when you deem it necessary.

Receive the tool and benefit from hosting on CommunityForge servers (Local Admin)

The advantage of this formula is that you continue to benefit from the work of CommunityForge's volunteer programmers who have been working every day for years to improve the services offered and try to best meet your expectations. The basic tool is designed to be accessible to administrators who are not IT professionals. If there are problems with the proposed tool, programmers will try to fix them quickly. The CommunityForge team is also responsible for the necessary updates of Drupal.

The disadvantage of this solution is that you become dependent on the modifications that programmers make for the 405 sites (April 2013) and that therefore, it may happen, at the time of the updates, that certain parameters of your sites are modified and it becomes necessary that you  tearrange them in your own way. This is a form of contribution as testers of the tool that is offered to us. One of the objectives of the programmers is to minimize these disadvantages for users. If you choose CommunityForge hosting you will receive Local Admin restricted access, by default.

This access allows you, without much computer knowledge, and with the help of the CommunityForge team, to administer your site. The /fr/discover page details all the possibilities that open up to you with the Local Admin access level.


A third alternative is still available to users of the tool designed by CommunityForge: User 1.

For people who already know Drupal, it is possible to ask CommunityForge managers for "User 1" access.

With this access you will be abble to operate in the "Views", the "Blocks", to create other forms of contents, to parameterize other modules,...

BUT Going to the "User 1" level also brings you to a level of autonomy that implies that you accept to manage, by yourself, all the modifications you have made to the proposed "Default" site. CommunityForge's volunteers cannot work 24 hours to assist you, personally, in your edits. Here are some concrete examples:

  • If you have made a modification to a "View", without renaming it, during the next update, this "View" will resume the initial, updated version (and will therefore not take into account your modification).
  • If you had taken care to rename your "View", it will not benefit from the update proposed by CommunityForge.
  • If for a technical reason, the designers of the site, must modify, in the database, the name of a field, they will take care, obviously, to make the necessary modifications in the "Views" of the site proposed by default but the "User 1" will have to make this work in the "Views" that they had renamed or created.
  • If you inject PHP code the wrong way, change the structure of the site or do another maneuver that "crashes" the site, you cannot claim the the free support offered by the CommunityForge team.  
  • All requests for "professional" interventions that could be carried out in these different contexts imply a financial contribution in the form of a donation (50 € per hour).