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Providing and hosting a site is free. Communities that use our tools support us through donations. These help to fund our servers, security measures ...

Before you make your final decision, we suggest you visit our sites.

For any further questions about requesting a site, please contact us at [email protected]

To get your installation in the next few days, please complete the following form ...

What domain name do you intend to use for your new site?

You can:

  • Reserve a domain name (eg "") with a domain name provider.
    Later, when you are ready, you'll have to point your domain name to us by setting the nameservers to "" and ""
  • Keep the subdomain we provide (eg
    In this case, please set the domain name to:

Select a language.

Note : For a multilingual site, press the crtl key and select more than one language.
Multilingual sites are less stable and require a lot more work to set up and to maintain.
Designed only for communities that need to deal with more than one language.

The site general email address.
This address can be the same as your local administrator's.
But it is advisable to have a separate email address just for the site.

S/he will be the technical contact for the site.

Do you want to import a list of your members with or without their balance from a file?

If you have less than 50 members, it will be easier and faster to enter them manually.
There is also a way to import the offers and wants, but it is more complicated to achieve.

Prepare your data for import

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