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Sites offered by CommunityForge are the result of about 10,000 hours of work by fifty volunteers for the benefit of all users. You can choose to use the default settings, which are the simplest, and allow you to launch the site in a few hours. Alternatively take your time to figure out how it works and configure the site according to your wishes. What can you configure on CommunityForge sites?
Customise the look of your site

  • Edit the title and slogan of your site
  • Add your logo
  • Customise the theme of the site (colors, fonts, ...)

And if you practice Drupal and have a user 1 access, you can also

  • edit "views"
  • create or move "blocks"
  • enable and configure some "modules"

Customise the default content

  • Edit or delete the default pages
    •       home
    •       share
    •       getting started
    •       commit!
    •       FAQ
  • Add more pages
  • Edit some menus
    •       the visitors menu for anonymous
    •       the main menu for members
    •       the secondary menu for both members and anonymous
  • Please note that the setup menu can only be seen by site administrators

Customise default categories You can edit and develop the taxonomy (drupal classification system)

  • offers and wants categories
  • offers and wants types
  • photo galleries
  • documents folders

Create content specific to your association through the link "Add content", you can add content to the following containers of the site

  • events
  • documents, such as minutes, meeting reports, flyers...
  • photos to be organised in galleries
  • recent news

Manage your members

  • Choose between an on-line subscription, or a subscription by a committee member
  • Add new members
  • Block or delete members
  • Add roles that will provide them different access to the site (a member can have different roles)
    •       trader
    •       committee member
    •       local administrator
  • Assign individual limits of balance

Determine your broadcast settings

  • Allow your members to broadcast their offer or want to other members
  • Determine the broadcast scope
  • Allow your members to opt-out of broadcast emails

Your members can adapt their own content

  • add, edit, delete their offers and wants
  • add or sign an exchange
  • edit their personal information
  • subscribe or unsubscribe to the site broadcast emails

Customise your exchange currency

  • name of the currency
  • "delivery criteria"
  • optional limits on the balance of the accounts

Import your data You can import your members' information and balances

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